Things To Do in Singapore Free

Singapore is one of the most visited countries in every year. If you want to visit Singapore do not be afraid if you will run out of money to pay all entrance tickets of interesting attractions. Because there are still many free attractions that are worth a visit when you travel to Singapore. Here we will present 5 things to do in Singapore free.

  1. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum , Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is a Chinese Tang Dynasty Buddhist temple in Chinatown that was built in 2007 but looks like it has been built since hundreds of years ago.

In this temple, you can find the Buddha’s sacred artifacts, such as bone and tongue relics. Meanwhile, Sacred Light Hall on the fourth floor holds the most important object of this temple. This Buddha’s Tooth Relic is stored in a gigantic stupa with a total weight of 3.5 tons made of gold weighing 320kg.

This is one of the things to do in Singapore free, because the entrance tickets to temples and weekly tours with guides are provided free of charge. Guided by volunteer assistant, this 2-hour tour will take you through the various floors and the hall of the Tooth Relic Temple & Museum Buddha building. The areas visited include the Hundred Dragons Hall which holds hundreds of Buddha statues, as well as Universal Wisdom Hall which features handmade Bodhisattva artworks.


2. Movie Mob

Every month there is a free-to-watch movie in Singapore. Its outdoor location adds a distinct impression that will make you miss again go back to Singapore. You can also follow the voting of what movies will be aired through Facebook

There are two ways to enjoy Movie Mob, you can bring a car and watch from the car or just simply sit on the carpet in the space provided. For the location is always changing in various places in Singapore. To find out, just look at the info on their social media sites or pages like Facebook or Twitter.

Surely this exciting activity as one of the things to do in Singapore free should not be missed when you visit it. Already watching free, who knows even a new acquaintance, exciting right?

3. Free shopping at Singapore Really Really Free Market

You want to travel for a minimal fee, but do not want to miss the shopping session? We present you one of the things to do in Singapore free. Because in this market, you can really shop for anything without pay! Not just stuff, you can also for free participation in the workshop held there.

Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM) is part of the global movement of The Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) that started in the United States. Everyone can join a store containing any items that you want to sell for free.

This is a market that offers a variety of goods and sold for free or barter. Surely the market idea is in accordance with the name of his movement, Really Really Free Market which means absolutely free market.

Although free, but the movement of this market is to improve people’s lives. How to share with each other. The goods sold vary from books, toys, to tarot reading services and free haircuts.

The fun part is the traveler can also enjoy cool music performances from a number of local artists. If you want to come, make sure you sign up first on their Facebook page. If you want more, you can also register yourself as a volunteer at the event.

SRRFM activities are conducted almost every month in different places. You can get information about the location of the next activity via the Facebook page SRRFM.