5 Things to See and Do in Bali

What are things to see and do in Bali? The majority of tourists think that going to Bali is going to the beach. But for a true traveler, it has no special purpose because all places in Bali are very beautiful. There are so many things you can do in Bali, like enjoying cultural performances or having fun with nature. It doesn’t matter if you have never been to Bali. We will provide a list of 5 of the best favorite tourist spots while on vacation in Bali.

Enjoy a Colorful Day on Pandawa Beach

The first recommended destination for novice tourists is Pandawa Beach. This beach is a cultural landmark, whereas a venue for performances including Kecak Dance. Besides being able to get to know the original culture of Bali you can also enjoy exciting activities such as canoeing or paragliding. Especially for paragliding on Pandawa, it is usually available during the summer. As is known if paragliding requires clear weather and stable wind direction. Don’t worry, you can enjoy this water sport by choosing singles or tandem paragliding.

Get To Know More Closely With Local Residents

Munduk Village is known as a mountain village that has a clean environment, fresh air, and Mayer green nature. This village is a popular trekking route in Bali to the waterfall even since the colonial era. Munduk Village has become the favorite mountain retreat of the Dutch colonizers, as evidenced by the existence of historical buildings with European architecture adorning the location around the village.


Cleanse Yourself at Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Bali
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Tirta Empul Temple is one of the famous Hindu temples with holy water. Local residents believe this holy water can heal and cleanse the body to their souls. No wonder many people visit this temple to bathe in springs. You can also try it, washing your body with a refreshing stream of water from a natural shower.


Enjoy an Epic Performance at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana

You cannot miss Garuda Wisnu Kencana from a tourist destination to Bali. This substantial cultural park has unique entertainment that is ready to fascinate tourists. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a pleasant place to learn exotic Balinese culture. If you go to GWK, make sure to enter the exhibition hall, see street theater, the festival park and take a picture with a giant statue of Garuda’s character.

Supply Endorphins by Visiting Bali Waterbom

Waterbom Bali is a water playground that is suitable as a family choice of tourist attraction. You can enjoy the fun of playing water slides and rides that make your heart rate increase. This park provides a number of complete facilities such as eating, relaxing and exciting games which are divided into an area of 3.8 Ha tropical. If you are interested in trying out various fun activities in Bali, you can book holiday tickets only in Wandernesia. We serve wholeheartedly, guaranteeing the satisfaction of your precious holiday with your loved ones.